From the very first toke that you simply ever have, you seemingly surprise how lengthy your buds will final. Maybe you discover a couple of tucked in your rucksack from final 12 months’s weed supply, otherwise you want a approach to retailer buds after a killer harvest till you might be able to get pleasure from them. Marijuana is very similar to advantageous wine. It ages properly in darkish, cool areas, and though it has no actual expiry date, there are some methods to increase its lifespan. 

Take into account Temperature

Temperature is a vital issue to consider when storing cannabis. In line with the U.S. Environmental Safety Company, mildew, mildew, or different fungi and micro organism thrive in temperatures starting from 77 levels Fahrenheit to 86 levels Fahrenheit. Conserving your buds in an space cooler than this could go a good distance in stopping such points from growing. 

Moreover, excessive warmth dries out priceless terpenes and cannabinoids that develop over months. If too dry, these important oils trigger harsh, sizzling smoke that could be very disagreeable on the throat. Conserving your buds cool additionally slows decarboxylation, the conversion of non-psychoactive THC-A into psychoactive THC and finally into CBN. Moreover, heat air retains moisture, which ends up in humidity points. 

Take into account Humidity

Micro organism and fungi thrive in circumstances of excessive humidity too. Controlling humidity is paramount. Nonetheless, controlling relative humidity, or RH, ranges isn’t notably straightforward, however in the event you retailer cannabis inside vary of 59 % and 63 % humidity, that’s excellent. In that vary, growing old buds not solely keep, but in addition improve consistency, taste, shade, aroma, and efficiency too. 

An excessive amount of humidity will invite contaminants to destroy your buds. Nonetheless, too little have issues of its personal to concern you. Though you’ll be able to eradicate any probability of mildew development to happen by holding RH underneath 65 %, if it drops too low, then trichomes dry out and turn into brittle, which can harm your buds’ important oils and, in the end, their efficiency and taste. 

Take into account Gentle

Gentle can critically hurt your buds, particularly dangerous ultraviolent gentle, which breaks down each natural and artificial materials at a speedy tempo. This is the reason it’s best to retailer your buds in a darkish place, away from dangerous gentle. In line with Wiley On-line Library, gentle is the only largest issue in terms of the degradation of cannabinoids. 

Researchers concluded from that very same examine that cannabinoids would retain their construction and stability for so long as two years if saved in correct circumstances. If darkish sufficient, they are going to stay each secure and efficient for consumption past even that, because the important oils degrade a lot slower over time. Conserving your buds away from direct gentle additionally has the benefit of serving to you management temperature. 

Take into account Air Management

Air is essential, a lot of it, and continually flowing, when rising and curing cannabis. Nonetheless, when storing it, not a lot. To maintain buds true to their authentic kind and contemporary for so long as potential, you’ll want to retailer them in an hermetic glass container with simply the correct quantity of air inside. Too little will have an effect on relative humidity considerably, particularly if buds are nonetheless barely damp when saved. 

However, having an excessive amount of air will pace decomposition, quickening the degradation course of with publicity of cannabinoids to oxygen. You may reduce oxygen publicity by “burping” your buds correctly, however since this may be sophisticated, most depend on varied electrical and handheld vacuum pumps for canning jars. These units make it simpler to regulate and handle publicity to oxygen. 

Dos and Don’ts of Storing Hashish


  • Do hold buds in a cool, dry space away from direct daylight. 
  • Do retailer buds in glass jars, or different containers with a impartial cost. 
  • Do monitor and management ranges of relative humidity. Use hygrometers to assist with this. 
  • Do use vacuum-sealed jars to scale back danger of oxygen publicity. 
  • Do retailer completely different strains individually. This may keep their particular person terpene, or taste, profiles. 


  • Don’t put your buds within the fridge or freezer. Temperature and humidity fluctuations really enhance danger of mildew and mildew, in addition to the drying out of fragile trichomes. 
  • Don’t retailer your buds in plastic, whether or not they’re containers or jars. Plastic “breathes,” and it lets off a static cost that collects priceless trichomes. If plastic is unavoidable, solely use it for small portions of buds, and for very brief durations. 
  • Don’t retailer weed wherever close to heat-generating home equipment, corresponding to stoves, heaters, microwaves, toasters, or related electronics. Warmth rises, so at all times retailer your buds low down, like wine, in a backside cabinet, on the bottom shelf, or within the basement or cellar of your private home. 
  • Don’t tobacco humidors. These units, typically cedar wooden, however not at all times, switch their very own oils into your buds and alter their flavors. Additionally they make the most of sponges that make use of propylene glycol, which though in a position to regulate humidity, will really oversaturate your weed. 
  • Don’t retailer any of your cannabis equipment, corresponding to pipes, bongs, even grinders, wherever close to your buds. The resin and ash gathered from previous use has a lingering, pungent scent that can stink up your cupboard space. It’s good observe to scrub your gear and retailer it individually. 

For those who order different merchandise for weed supply, corresponding to edibles, oils, and different perishables, then storage necessities are utterly completely different. On account of their perishable nature, it’s not sensible to retailer objects like these for lengthy durations. Comply with the storage directions on their packaging and retailer edibles and oils as you’d your on a regular basis cooking oil and unusual foodstuffs. 

Tinctures and different marijuana concentrates, notably these based mostly in alcohol and solvents are unlikely to accrue mildew or related issues, since they not include biodegradable matter. Nonetheless, they nonetheless include their very own storage instructions, and it will be sensible to guard efficiency and forestall potential contamination by following the abovementioned fundamental tips.